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THIS WEEK'S FEATURED VIDEO: MOONING A RED LIGHT CAMERA—Do you hate those f**king Red Light Cameres? Well we decided to express how we feel about them. By the way it was worth the $50 ticket!


THE UPHONE —Intoducing the uPhone. We have an "app" for friggin' everything!!!


MCJESUS—Due to poor attendance at church, to draw people back, a drive through church has been created that promises to "get you in and out of church in 3 minutes or your next sin is on us." Oh, and it also serves food! "Could I have a Garden Salad of Eden and a large order of Crucifries?"

THE BLIND LIFEGUARDAfter winning a discrimination lawsuit, Richard Kennedy achieves his life long dream to become a lifeguard. Only one problem, Richard Kennedy is blind. When asked if anyone has ever drowned while he was on watch, he proudly boasts, "Not as many as I've saved!"


DAY LABORERS FOR SALEIf Corporate America had their way, the hard working, proud Day Laborer would be reduced to a marketable commodity. We think that it would go a little something like this...

HOMO DEPO —Homo Depo meets all of your Homo needs...and don't forget to come in thru the back door. This one spoofs our "Day Laborers for Sale" video. Not yet available for your phone


PERSONALIZED GPS —Personalized GPS to fit your lifestyle. Note: We at Tasteless Choice apologize to anyone who we have not yet offended. We're trying our best to get to all of you.


VAMPIRE SHORE —An MTV style reality show of Vampires living together under one roof. The show includes some of the most famous vampires as well as some new ones.


LEVITRA XTREME —Thousands of men suffer from E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction). Half of which actually suffer from U.W.S. (Ugly Wife Syndrome). Levitra Xtreme is for those men who are married to EXTREME...ly ugly women.

CARBOMB SALESMEN—A cheesy, low budget commercial featuring two wacky carbomb salesmen. They won’t sell you a lemon, but they will sell you a bomb.

THE LONG ARMAGGEDON OF THE LAW—Heaven and Hell team up to fight crime in this year's most anticipated buddy cop film.

T.W.A.T.—In the wake of the terrorist attacts on 9/11, the president formed a secret team to fight The War Against Terror. He called this crack team T.W.A.T. In this episode, the president consults with T.W.A.T. leader Major Mike Hunt on how to fight their arch enemies, Jihad of Islamic Zealots...aka JIZ.
THE SAVE––The Save is a commercial we made for Heineken. The version shown here is before we edited down to 30 seconds.


HERPULES—A 1950's educational film on the evils of herpes. Herpules tries to save young Gladys from herpes infected Danny...and a lion.

HERCULES ADMITS TO STEROID USE —In an exclusive interview by ESPN's Peter Gammons, Hercules admits to years of steroid use.


DIRTY SANCHEZ—Here is a sneak peek at a new TV series based on "Dirty Sanchez," the notorious bandito who was known for robbing banks with a poop wielding finger...as well as for that other thing. What was it again? Well, if you don't know, click here: Dirty Sanchez

WITE TRASH COOKINN SHOW--New on The Food Network: Finally a cooking show for the common man! Learn how to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Very important tip: "if you don't boil the water, it just don't come out right!

HONEY SMAKKS COMMERCIAL W/MEL GIBSON—A Honey Smakks commercial featuring Mel Gibson as its "Dig 'em" type spokesman. Mel's lovable dialog is derived from some of his most famous quotes. Not yet available for your phone

GAYQUIL—Gayquil attacts the homoqueerus cells in your body, leaving you with that "oh, so hetero" feeling. So, keep your gay at bay with Gayguil (may be taken orally or anally). This one was inspired by right wing, "family values" politician Mark Kleiman who hatefully preached about the evils of homosexuality. Oh, did I mention that he was later discovered to be gay? Oops!!! Not yet available for your phone

OUT TAKES FROM THE JOY OF PAINTING—Out takes of mild mannered painter Bob Ross from his relaxing show, "The Joy of Painting." Seems he has a volatile short temper. Who knew? Not yet available for your phone

THE BUTTKERCHIEFEver find yourself on a toilet (after doing your duty) with no toilet paper? Well, introducing the Buttkerchief. The Buttkerchief's patented Absorbo fibers soak in your dirty, retched poop, leaving you feeling fresh and confident. Oh, and it also doubles as a handkerchief. Not yet available for your phone


X-TREME WATER When you’ve got that extreme thirst, you need new X-treme Water by H3O. Yes, for water that’s so wet you can’t dry it, it’s X-treme Water. (This is the first video we did). Not yet available for your phone


THE McFIBRILLATOR HAPPY MEALA commercial featuring McDonalds new McFibrillator Happy Meal. A meal so fattening it comes with it’s own defibrillator. Not yet available for your phone

DOGGIE CONDOMS—Yes, your dog will love to bury his bone with Doggie Style Condoms! Not yet available for your phone